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10 Vegetables That Help Lower Blood Pressure

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Medicine has shown that the quality of polysacarid in vegetables  leads to lower blood pressure and prevent cancer.

The medical research shows that the control and treatment of hypertension should start with measures to regulate the central nervous system, improve the exchange of circulation, prevent and reduce hardening of the arteries, reducing blood fat . 
Here is a list of 10 vegetables that help with blood pressure:
Vegetables withdraw: The weld, sweet sound effects of Aquatic heat has a standard barrel detoxification. This plant is very good for treating hypertension. Medicine has shown that quality polysacarid in this vegetable leads to lower blood pressure and can prevent cancer.

Vegetables Daisies: This plant contains a substance called buttons which is good for hypertension. Buttons contains the alkaline bile to lower blood pressure and the crude fiber is good for digestion. Last but not least, it reduces cholesterol.

Lettuce: The cool, bitter beneficial effect five organs, meridians, diuretic … Good for hypertension. In the composition of lettuce, 27 times the amount of sodium potassium, this ratio is very beneficial for the water balance in the body and excreted residues, increased urinary excretion, improved features contraction of hypertension. Lettuce usually eaten raw should be noted sowing clean and washed before eating to avoid diarrhea.
Celery: The bitter sweet cool effects brain provincial mental conditions. Celery appropriate for hypertension, diabetes, insomnia, headaches …
Celery vitamin P have the effect of enhancing the effectiveness of vitamin C in reducing blood pressure and reduce blood fat, significantly effective with primary hypertension, high blood pressure due to pregnancy, childbirth , hypertension menopause.
You can use celery juice daily cooking or drinking very well. Vegetables should also rich in minerals, fiber works to calm protect blood vessels, enhance the development of bones and combat iron deficiency anemia.

Spoon vegetables: The cool, sweet, scattering effects welding spend barrel, heat detoxification …Cabbage works support for treatment of hypertension, heart valve openings, kidney inflammation, bleeding gums, blood damage and blood vessel disease of the brain.

Black wood ears (called wood ears): cool, sweet, have a nutritious the useful location gases by birth and blood plasma … Wood ears suitable for hypertension, haemorrhage, anemia, toothache, insomnia, tonsillitis. Wood ears in potassium so it is suitable for patients with hypertension.
In the wood ears acid containing cholesterol-lowering effects. Glue in wood ears have strong adhesive properties, the effects of smoking the excess waste products in the body, all excreted by the gastrointestinal tract. Glucoxit purines in wood ears reduces cerebral embolism caused by hypertension.
Mushrooms: The cool, sweet work sues Pi useful, lower fat, lower blood pressure. Mushrooms are very good for diabetes, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, excess fat in the blood …
Mushrooms rich in potassium, low in sodium and contain substances that inhibits cholesterol in the blood and in the liver, prevent arteriosclerosis process. Mushrooms food is appropriate therapy for diseases such as: arteriosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes caused by excess cholesterol.
Onion: The warm, spicy, very good for high blood pressure, excessive cholesterol, diabetes … onions can melt reduce cerebral embolization bun, inhibition of cholesterol in the blood increased by eating fatty foods.
Onions are rich calcium should regularly eat onions will add calcium in the blood to help lower blood pressure. The substance in onions may reduce the peripheral resistance of the blood vessels and coronary arteries to stabilize blood pressure.

Tomatoes : The cool, works well with sour hypertension, bleeding of the eye … Ketones in tomatoes have the effect of lowering blood pressure, diuretic. Vitamin C in tomatoes is not high but difficult to destroy, to help soften the blood vessels so effective against arteriosclerosis and cancer.

Eggplant:  The cold welding, heat sweet sound effects, animated blood, diuretic, detoxifying … Eggplant contains vitamin E and P enhances the resistance of blood vessels, anti-hemorrhage. The alkali in the eggplant helps reduce blood cholesterol levels, heart valve disease prevention effects are good. So eggplants are good foods for hypertension, cerebrovascular disease, coronary artery …


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